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Posted - 6 months 6 Ds ago
Grandes Noticias!!! En el Foro estamos llevando a cabo un Concurso de Granjas de Halloween que les permite ganar farm cash extra. Los premios son muy generosos como ustedes pueden ver: 1er Premio - 250 Farm Cash 2do Premio - 120 Farm Cash 3er Premio - 55 Farm Cash 4to Premio - 25 Farm Cash 5to Premio - 25 Farm Cash Para poder participar del concurso, debe registrarse en el Foro. Luego tome una foto de su granja y publíquela en el hilo del Concurso, agregando el nombre de su granja y el link a la misma. Toda la información necesaria la encuentra en el siguiente link Para publicar su foto, por favor siga el siguiente link Mucha suerte a todos!
farm town
Posted - 6 months 1 W ago
Great News!!! The forum is holding a Halloween Farm Competition, giving you the chance to win some extra farm cash. The prizes are very generous, to say the least. 1st Prize - 250 Farm Cash 2nd Prize - 120 Farm Cash 3rd Prize - 55 Farm Cash 4th Prize - 25 Farm Cash 5th Prize - 25 Farm Cash In order to enter, you will need to be registered on the forum. For easy instructions on how to do this, please follow this link. Then simply take a photo of your farm, and post it into the competition thread, along with the farm name and a link to the farm itself. Full instructions along with the competition thread, can be found in this forum link Good Luck to everyone!
farm town
Posted - 3 years 3 Ws ago
Come check out the Best Easter Farm Contest on the forum for a chance to win some Farm Cash! Contest closes April 22nd. Click the following link for full details:
farm town

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