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Posted - 3 Ws 4 Ds ago
This very rare monster is going to be released in soon! Like, share and drop the name of the fish in a comment including your username, and make chance to win 100 free bait for this fish! We pick 5 winners out of all entries on the release day of this predator.
Posted - 2 months 3 Ws ago Today, one of our respected moderators (Salty) launched as a successor to the FISHAO Blog. It's full of really accurate information on how to catch fish in FISHAO. Help him to collect more data!
Posted - 3 months 2 Ds ago - Everyone who participated in our L&S event: the pink neon rod has been added to your inventory! New available in FISHAO: the (affordable) Pirate set! Check out Carp's Deco shop in the upcoming days ;-). Are you able to collect the whole Pirate Set?
Posted - 3 months 6 Ds ago
Many players ask when the free rod will be added to their inventory. This will be done on January 21!
Posted - 3 months 6 Ds ago - LIKE&SHARE this message for a free neon rod! Do it NOW before it's too late!
Posted - 3 months 3 Ws ago
Hooray! FISHAO is hitting 1,000 simultaneously online players and 12,000 daily actives, and we're still in beta! Come and play on:
Posted - 4 months 1 W ago
Play now FISHAO at: Today we have launched the new update for FISHAO. We worked on this update for the past 5 months and are very excited to finally launch this update. From now on you will have your own home to decorate and you can breed new fish for your personal river in your backyard. Also we have launched a few tiny improvements. We keep improving FISHAO every month! Share & Like this and spread the word please :-)!
Posted - 4 months 3 Ws ago
Yay, it's December! Welcome to Santa Beach!
Posted - 5 months 5 Ds ago
Posted - 5 months 2 Ws ago
Coming up: Personal homes in FISHAO! Expected: end of the year!
Posted - 6 months 1 W ago
Enjoy your weekend: play FISHAO! We're still in beta, but keep working on the perfect game! What features would you like to see inside the game?
Posted - 6 months 4 Ws ago
Biggest Fish ever caught: new world record As some of you might know, Salty, has his own FISHAO blog at: Last Saturday he shared with us a new world record in FISHAO. He caught a MONSTER Green Sawfish. What is your biggest catch so far?
Posted - 7 months 3 Ds ago
Today we have launched the FISHMARKET in Sell your fish and receive fishbucks in return. Are you able to get the best price for each fish? Find it out now at! Please LIKE and SHARE this message!
Posted - 7 months 2 Ws ago
Today we have finally reached the 500 simultaneously online players. Come play and celebrate it at or Help us to reach 1000 online players by SHARING and LIKING this message. Thank you and happy fishing!
Posted - 7 months 4 Ws ago
Today one of our respected players "Salty" made a funny screenshot of FISHAO in Laketown. He has posted this on his blog: Beside of this funny screenshot there is more to read on his blog: tips, general information and daily news regarding FISHAO. Come play also for free at: In the picture below: "The Easter Bunny, Santa, Batman, and... Luke Skywalker?" What is your funniest moment in FISHAO?
Posted - 8 months 3 Hs ago Today we're finally ready: FISHAO has been launched to the public! After a closed beta period of 2 months we're ready for the world, everyone can access the game from now on. We've also released some new updates: some ease-of-use additions, but also some completely new shop items! From now on you can buy fish radars, luck potions, running shoes to increase walking speed, and a lot of new looks. You can find all of them in the shop by clicking on the new tab "Extra". In the upcoming months we will release more fun updates of course! Enjoy the game! FISHAO Team
Posted - 9 months 1 W ago
FISHAO IN CLOSED BETA! Try it now, claim your key and PLAY:

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